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Trademark Jewelry Shopping at ShopNBC

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Welcome to Trademarking Resource Portal

For those who are new to trademarking, a trademark or also known as "trade mark" is a unique symbol or indicator which is often used by either individual or business organizations to distinquish its products or services from those of other entities.

A registered trademark identify uniquely the source of its products which typically come in the form of a name, a word, a phrase or even the combination of these elements.

There are many interesting trademarking resources on this website.

Here are some of the article highlights

Federal Trademark Registration
Trademark is a frequently used word amongst the business fraternity. A trademark brings a lot of benefits to an entrepreneur. You are bound to come across many opportunities if you have a trademark registered through the federal registration procedure.

USPTO Trademark Search
The USPTO or United States Patent and Trademark Office is the agency that controls trademarks and patents registered in the United States.

Internet Protection Trademark
A credit card is a needed when you want to start online shopping. Credit cards are widely used as it offers a higher level of security as compared to carrying cash along with you outdoors.

Disadvantages To Not Registering A Trademark
An extremely significant communicator happens to a registered trademark. What is does is that it happens to be extremely useful in ascertaining identities be it for a brand or trade and at the same time if guards against theft or plagiarism of creative works

Patent Trademark Copyright And Sue Suit
There are some items that are not safeguarded by the patent law. Some of them happen to be abstract ideas, laws related to the nature, mental procedures, & physical happenings

Property Trademark Attorney
Trademark Properties Real Estate Services happens to be a leading property dealing firm. They have something to offer for all, and have an entire list of the topmost real estate assets all across the US

How To File A Trademark Application
This is the 1st step and is quite an easy one and the online filling of an application is the easier option. The physical format of the application is a time consuming process and would have a fee of $50 or even more.

Trademark Registration Search
Commerce is growing all around the world and there new start-ups everyday. New businesses mean there will be fresh business names, which in means the requirement of fresh trademarks.

How Do You Obtain A Copyright Or Trademark
A copyright is given to the architect of either a literary or an artistic work in a legal manner and thus they become owners of the work. Some of the literary works, which are given copyright protection, includes plays, poems, reference works, newspapers novels, etc

trademark, copyrights, Patents

Tradermark, Patent, and Copyrights for Dummies

Patents, Copyrights & Trademark Overview

Trademark and Copyrights

Trademark Vs. Patents


Property Trademarking

Property Trademark

Property Investing Not Easy with Trademark

Trademark Realty

Trademark for Properties Secret by Richard Davies

South Carolina's Trademark Properties



Brieftly about USPTO

What is USPTO?

USPTO: Why Register a Trademark?

Intellectual Property Protection at USPTO

Registering Trademark with USPTO

Ensuring Safety for your Business and Products with USPTO


Trademarking law

Trademark Law

Tradermark Laws Governing Infringement

Trademark Lawyers Responsibilities

Pattern Attorney

Trademark and Pattern Attorneys's Responsibilites

Trademarks Attorney's Importance

California State Tradermark Attorney

WWE's John Cena's Superstar Tradermark Attorney

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